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Team Challenge

The team challenge is a new program that encourages teams of four or more to sign up for any of the Two Bear Marathon races. The challenge is an excellent way for groups of people to train together and have fun at a great event! Your team will be scored like a cross-country race. Your place in your age group will determine points. There is no limit to the number on your team, however we will score the best 4 runners.  Remember, your team-mates may run either the marathon or half marathon. Any team member running the marathon will have their age group place divided in ½ for scoring purposes. Find yourself some marathoners as part of your team!

  • Team size

    You must have at least 4 team-mates to score. An additional award will be presented to the largest team! Remember sign up as a team and receive a discount at checkout.

  • How to Register

    Get your team together and then click here and follow the link to register. Be sure to mark that you are registering as a team.  You can start your team now and add more members along the way.

  • How to Win

    Example scoring:

    Team member A : 4th place finish 20-30 age group marathon: score of 2

    Team member B: 2nd place finish 40-50 age group half marathon: score of 2

    Team member C: 1st place finish 60-70 age group marathon: score of .5

    Team member D: 7th place finish 30-40 age group half marathon: score of 7

    Team total: 12.5 (remember low points win)

  • Awards

    Team awards will be given out at the marathon awards ceremony on September 10, 2017. This is a great chance for you to participate in the post-race fun with food from Piggyback B.B.Q. and drinks from local breweries! Bring your race number to get a free meal.



Start gathering your team, and we’ll see you in September!